Plenty of lockers for a crowded campus: A fraction of lockers are currently in use


Overcrowding at Branham has become a big issue this year, and one place it is now starting to take effect is in the locker rooms. Because of how many students there are enrolled in P.E. this year, students are now being required to bring their own locks and share a P.E. locker with other students. The only question is, why don’t students use the outdoor lockers to store P.E. belongings throughout the day, or just in general? In a recent interview with Ms. Overholser, who is in charge of locker assignments, she pointed out that only 755 students have checked out lockers from the Student Service Center. This fact comes as a surprise to Ms. Overholser as there was an initial concern that there would not be enough lockers to accommodate the influx of students this year.

Some students have considered having extra lockers outside to store P.E. belongings in, but this becomes a challenge if the locker is located on the opposite side of the school as the gym.

Sophomore Faith Grandey, already stores her PE clothes in the locker she regularly uses and finds it easier to keep them there. On the other hand, junior Alex Boggini who has previously used his locker regularly as a sophomore (because he had a lot of books and it was easy to get to from all his classes) no longer sees a point in using the locker. Boggini says, “I don’t have as much stuff on B days and it is nowhere near my A day classes.” In other words, having a locker is no longer inconvenient.

Senior Erik Bentley, says that in his freshman and sophomore year his locker wasn’t that convenient because of its location, and says, “I’m just fine carrying my stuff around.” You will also notice when walking around Branham that lockers on the cafeteria wall are in bad condition and seem to just sit there. It has been over ten years since students have been assigned those lockers and no one seems to know why they haven’t been taken out or repaired, neither do we know how expensive those restorations would be. Ms. Overholser says, “I think it would be nice if they were replaced,” adding that, a few years back, lockers across the band room had been replaced and those are now being used as sports lockers.

The reason as to why students aren’t utilizing outside lockers is simple. It’s because they aren’t convenient to everyone. If there was a way for the lockers to become more accessible, students would be able to utilize outdoor lockers for P.E. use.

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