Play hookie at your peril: Few students claim to have ditched, but nearly half say they know others who do


Students have been ditching class for as long as they have been forced to attend school. It isn’t a new trend.

They resort to skipping a class for a number of reasons. Fatigue can cause students to ditch school because they feel as though they physically can not sit through another long day of class.

According to a Branham survey of nearly 360 students, though only 5.3 percent admitted to ditching school. nearly half of the participants in the survey, 48.8 percent, knew someone who ditched.

While we cannot be exactly sure what students who ditch school do in that time, we still have a pretty good idea. For one, students probably head home.

After all, if you spend even one day in a high school, you will surely hear the phrases: “I’m tired”, “I don’t want to be here”, and “I want to go home.” This sums up the common feelings of many students. And while most stick it out and stay, others actually put words to action and head home.

Another popular option is heading over to nearby hangouts such as 7-Eleven or Boba Pub. These places are close to school and therefore provide easy access for students who leave campus. The school does not have a locked iron gate around its campus, so if someone wants out, it does not take much. While students view popping over to 7-Eleven to grab food a harmless affair, the  administration do not take leaving campus lightly.

“It is a bigger issue than students realize,” said Assistant Principal Rick Hayashi. “It is a big concern for us as they are a liability to us.” He said that the school works with both 7-Eleven and Boba  Pub to find how many students show up throughout the school day. If the issue is on the larger scale of students not attending school at all, unexcused, the school takes it up with the district court.
Even if only a handful of kids do it, ditching still puts the school in a challenging position as the staff are responsible for all students the entire day.

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