Locked out of lockers


With the freshman population at 451 and the sophomore class at 450, the underclassmen numbers almost reaches 1,000 students. Due to the increased population students are now required to share lockers and purchase their own locks for P.E. in order to keep their belongings stored during class this includes students in sports, weight training, and the physical education class.. Additionally, if a student forgets to take out their clothes, the next student who shared that locker won’t have one to use.

P. E. teachers anticipated that the locker rooms would be impacted before the student influx, and it was a matter of time until there wouldn’t be enough lockers. Several students find it a hassle to bring their P.E clothes each day due to smaller backpack trends, students find it difficult to have fashionable bags with enough space to carry their school sup-

“It’s so inconvenient for me because it’s extra stuff to carry around,” said sophomore Bella Phan.

Physical Education teachers said that they understand the difficulty of bringing P.E. clothes and locks each day, and that students are more likely to forget their clothes.

P.E. teacher Laura Andersson said that a renovation or addition locker room is on “the top of our wish list.”

“We are definitely working on it and trying hard to get it done but it all depends on the district office,” she said.

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