Conflict between digital classrooms: Students react to the use of both Google Classroom and Schoolloop

WILL SUITER Staff Writer

Both students and teachers know this reason well. As students transition from writing their nightly homework and long-term projects to viewing them online using programs like Schoolloop or Google Classroom to keep track of them, the potential for forgotten dead- lines and due dates increases.

Nevertheless, both teachers and students rely on these tools to assign, complete, submit and grade homework. But what is the difference?

“It wasn’t on schoolloop so I didn’t do it.”

Primarily, Google Classroom differs from Schoolloop in that it is not a gradebook, but it does allow teachers more flexibility in assigning tasks because it integrates assignment files and documents more efficiently with Google Drive, which can be used to complete work. Similarly to Schoolloop, Google Classroom allows students to submit work for grading. With Schoolloop, teachers can grade student submissions directly, allowing for an easier grading process, while scores from Google Classroom must be transferred into the Schoolloop gradebook.

While these systems certainly do make submitting and grading work easier on teachers, inconsistency between which system is used can often be a source of frustration for students. Having multiple teachers, some of which use Google Classroom and some of which use Schoolloop to as- sign homework, can lead to students more easily losing track of current assignments and due dates. “My English teacher uses both, so I don’t really know which one to check and I have missed some due dates because of it. It is really annoying,” commented an eleventh grader, who did not wish to be named.

In a survey of 16 students, 13 preferred teachers to assign homework through Schoolloop rather than Google Classroom, and all of the students surveyed reported that if an assignment was not posted on either Schoolloop or Google Classroom and only assigned in class, they would likely forget to complete it. As learning and technology become more intertwined, it becomes increasingly necessary to set standards to en- sure that technology is used in a streamlined and consistent way that will make it more effective for both students and teachers.

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