Students support unisex bathrooms

By Eli Sylvan
Staff Writer

Lincoln High School was one of the first high schools in the Bay Area to implement all-gender restrooms on their campus last April. This raises questions about whether other schools will follow suit.

Action on gender-neutral restrooms is a big step forward for the Bay Area LGBT community, especially in the midst of a North Carolina House Bill that “prohibits anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender individuals.

Other schools in the Bay Area have no plans on making these changes immediately, according to the Del Mar ASB President David Bates.

“All the ASB presidents are freaking out about Homecoming,” so new restrooms are not currently a priority for the them, he said.

Not only does Homecoming take hours of planning and effort, but with gender-neutral and transgender rights becoming an issue about equity, the ASB is taking steps to accommodate those with specific labels. Currently, the Homecoming king and queen labels are being replaced with the gender-neutral term Homecoming Court.

Bates went on to say that CUHSD doesn’t have any plans on installing gender-neutral restrooms.

According to Principal Cheryl Lawton, gender-neutral bathrooms “[this is] something that we definitely need to do to meet the needs of our students.” She continued to say that money from the proposed CUHSD bond could be considered for gender-neutral restrooms. It is clear that the idea has administrative support, but more research needs to be done to see how students feel about the issue.

A recent poll at Branham High School shows that approximately 65 percent of the school is in favor of installing more gender-neutral restrooms, while the other 35 percent are against the idea.

One objection against this plan is the possibility that the restrooms will be abused by students.

They feel that a place as private as a restroom cannot be used a

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