Planned events take away necessary tutorial time

Cadence Trenchard
News Editor

From the perspective of a perpetually procrastinating pupil, those 30 minutes of tutorial time are pure gold. I can’t begin to count the number of times tutorial has given me the chance to finish last-minute assignments right before my second period of the day. So it’s only natural that when tutorial is canceled, I get cranky.
If used correctly, tutorial can be a great space for students to retake tests, ask questions, work on group projects or use Chromebooks. In a recent survey, all 20 Branham students questioned said they agree that tutorial is useful to some degree. Kids that have other commitments during lunch or afterschool are hard-pressed to find another time to check in with teachers. So why would the administration plan events during this sacred time?
Many students dislike the events during tutorial, some even resorting to ditching, and creating more problems. Rallies, of course, are much more exciting than the occasional fire drill, but over 40% of surveyed students said rallies should be optional. This would let the kids that need to study have time to work.
Even though a half an hour may not seem like much time, cancelled tutorials add up quickly: by March over four hours of prime studying time will be lost to mandatory rallies, lectures, or drills.
The problem is that there isn’t a better to time to hold these events. Rallies during class time would throw off the schedule and would be even worse than missing tutorial. Holding lunchtime events results in food deprivation. But as for practice drills, if they are always held at the same time, they become predictable. A real fire or active shooter won’t conveniently wait to fall between 9:45-10:15 am.
Since there doesn’t seem to be a more suitable time for school-wide events, I think both students and admin need to be more aware about the timing (except for surprise drills) in order to plan ahead. This could mean adding a note about an upcoming rally in Schoolloop’s daily bulletin or having teachers announce the event in class. But most of the responsibility falls on students themselves to look over the weekly schedule in advance.
If events do need to take place during tutorial, please don’t waste our time.

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