As rallies move outside, ASB seeks other options

By Fiorella Castaneda
Staff Writer
Branham’s school population has continuously increased because the freshmen class size increases more each year. Walking through the halls at school during breaks is frustrating since it is so crowded and many students decide to just stand in the middle of the hall way.
As of now, we have a total of 1,612 students at our school; 325 are seniors, 386 are juniors, 447 are sophomores, and 453 are freshmen.
“By 2022 we are projected to have 1850 students,” said Mrs. Cheryl Lawton, Branham’s new principal.
Our school is the biggest it’s ever been as of now, that we have reached over capacity for our large gym. Because of this, leadership has had to change the setup of our rallies from being in our large gym to the football field.
The staff and the leadership class will be trying to avoid double rally schedules for as long as they can. By having outside rallies, there are some dowsides.
Our Winter Wishes rally (formerly Make-a-Wish Rally) in December will most likely be too cold or raining for students to be outside.
Mrs. Shari Scott-Sawyer said she is willing to work at finding scheduling solutions.
“I am very flexible with how we decide to set up our rallies because I came from a triple schedule rally so having double schedule rallies isn’t a big deal work-wise,” she said.

“I am open to having outside rallies, double schedule rallies, and even night rallies,” she said.

The two options the Leadership class has proposed has been to have an outside rally at the football game if weather permits, or having an optional night rally.
Our school will keep growing bigger and bigger, and eventually we might outgrow one side of our football stadium. At that point the school staff will need to have a meeting to reconsider other options for rallies since safety is the No. 1 concern.

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