Dissolved AP Stats class an awkward solution

Demi Le
Staff Writer
The increased enrollment of freshmen at Branham has forced the dissolution of Mr. David Hunter’s third period AP Statistics class.
This was a solution to accommodate the freshmen in Mr. Hunter’s Integrated Math 1 classes. According to the contract that teachers make with the district, the maximum amount of students that can be in one class is 32. Mr. Hunter’s IM1 classes had over 32 students in each.
The previous solution was to hire a part-time candidate and take the extra students into two classes. However they could not find a viable candidate in time. Because of that, the administration began to look at all class sizes of the math department and made the decision to dissolve Mr. Hunter’s 3rd period AP Stats class and scatter the students into Ms. Sue Seden’s classes.
The administration had to change the students’ schedules but some were taking specific classes that couldn’t allow for a schedule change.
In this case, the six students decided to do independent study in Ms. Seden’s third period IM 2 class.
“It was the best they could do with the situation,” Mr. Hunter said.
On the other hand, Ms. Seden said that she was willing to accommodate the students, and has offered with to help any students who needs catching up on the material.


Mr. Hunter said that the math department’s goal this year is to promote a “fun and positive AP Stats culture” to encourage students to join as seniors.

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