New Benches Bring New Problems

By Nick Randhawa

Students are criticizing the new seating arrangements in Branham’s newly designed quad. Most of the benches in the new Branham quad have been rearranged to uncovered positions, without shade.

Senior Duncan Logie had a lot to say about the new seating arrangements. He said, “People don’t wear sunscreen to school, so if they get stuck on the benches in the sun, then they will get burned. Also, because the benches are metal, they are very hot in the sun.” Duncan added that “because there aren’t any tables attached to the majority of the benches, students must put their food on spots where others’ butts have been.”

Duncan is one of many students who are upset with the new seating areas. Many students, like Duncan, have expressed concern about the poor way the benches are set-up for extreme weather.

Last year, a few benches sat in the middle of the quad, but the majority of them were under the overhang near the lunch lines and cafeteria entrance. Students enjoyed the arrangements on hot and rainy days. The covered benches provided shade from the hot heat during the early and late weeks of school. In addition, the covered benches provided protection from the rain and swift winds during the fall, winter, and early spring months. Students could eat and socialize without a worry for the weather.

This year, however, most of the benches are not covered. A majority of the benches are now placed away from the overhang which covers the lunch lines. Student anger has been fueled by the competition for covered seating in extreme weather.

There is insufficient space for the 1,400 students at Braham to beat the heat or avoid a wet lunch, because only a few benches under the overhang and a select handful in the cafeteria are available. With the new quad seating arrangement, many students are left with the option of getting beat down by the heat or rain, or eating standing-up under the protection of the overhang.

Weather isn’t the only reason the new seating arrangement has been criticized.  Senior Ryan Bowen said, “The new benches are a terrible idea because the long lunch lines reach the new seating areas.”